All The Kings Men Guitar Tab
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All The Kings Men Guitar Tab

All The Kings Men Guitar Tab by Tom Cochrane

All The Kings Men
Tom Cochrane

Verse 1

[D]Shut your eyes my darlin', there's [G]nothing you can [D]say.
The [G]man in the moon won't [D]fall on you, he doesn't [A]live there anyway.
You don't [D]have to be a soldier to [G]fight in your private [D]war,
Let the [G]blood you might see rain [D]down on me,
You don't [A]have to fight no more.


There's [D]nothing you can say,
There's [G]nothing you can [D]send.
There's [G]nothing that can [D]change the facts
Not [A]all the king's [D]men.

Verse 2

You'll ride upon the stallion, I'll [G]ride upon your [D]mare.
We'll [G]ride so far, [D]ride so hard, [A]far away from here.
[D]When we look back upon them, it [G]all will become so [D]clear.
The [G]gates will open [D]up for us, we won't [A]have no more fears.



[D]Look away, look [G]away.
You [D]might be tired and troubled but not to[G]day.
[D]When they came down upon you,
I won't [G]let them get anything on you,
And we'll [A]dream away,
[G]All those fears and troubles May, look a[D]way.

Verse 3:

[D]We were both motherless children, they [G]sent us separate [D]ways,
The [G]family you'd seen beat [D]down on you, [A]mine it was okay.
I've [D]come to take you back May, [G]save you from this [D]fate
[G]They won't have any more [D]chances to [A]treat you in this way.


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