Terri Clark Emotional Girl Guitar Tab
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Terri Clark Emotional Girl Guitar Tab

Terri Clark Emotional Girl Guitar Tab

Emotional Girl by Terri Clark
Album:  Just the Same
Written by: Rick Bowles/Terri Clark/Chris Waters

Note: Capo the 2nd fret.  Song is in B
OPEN means to remover your hand from the neck of the guitar and strum the
open strings. ;-]

EMOTIONAL GIRL     by Terri Clark
A                                      Ab slide A
I've been looking at you Looking at me
A                                   D
Bet your thinking that what you get
               Db slide D
Is what you see           
E                                 OPEN  E
But underneath this cool exterior
E                     OPEN E
A raging river flows
E                           OPEN   D                  E
So before you get any nearer       I better let you know

         D                      A
I'm an emotional girl  I can't help myself
E                     E
Sometimes I laugh  Sometimes I cry
E                                    E7
Sometimes I do both and I don't know why
Got a passionate heart 
            A                   D 
And that's just The way things are
You and me could give it a whirl
E                                D        A
But I'm warning you boy I'm an emotional girl.

A                                            Ab slide A
I like music that's loud And lights down low
A                              D                   Db slide D
I like driving my car too fast    And dancing slow
      E                              OPEN E
Some folks may say I'm too extreme
E                                OPEN E
Cause I can't stop once I start
But I never could do anything
D              E
With half my heart 

go to chorus, lead, to chorus, to ending
You and me could give it a whirl
E                                D        A
But I'm warning you boy I'm an emotional girl

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